Teikyo University Hosiptial
02Inpatient services

Information on inpatient services

Information for the patient and family

Inpatient service is strictly a stay for the purpose of treatment, and patient will live together with many patients. Inconveniences during the stay will be accommodated to the extent possible by our physicians, nurses, and other support staffs. We request the cooperation of the patient and his/her family in this respect. At this hospital, we ask the patient to announce his/her name, print his/her name on transfusion bags, at display locations inside hospital rooms, and so forth, from the standpoint of prevention of medical accidents. We request your cooperation in this respect.

Inquiries by telephone

As a general rule, we will not respond to telephone inquiries on patients under inpatient services, for the protection of our patient's privacy.

Visitation hours

When a person who wishes to visit our patient comes to our hospital, we will take them to our inpatient quarters if no visitor restriction is placed on this patient or this patient has provided no visitor restriction. If you wish not to receive visitors, please make this request to the inpatient registration center.