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Orthopedics Surgery

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In order to lead a vibrant life, we must move around by standing, walking, and holding things. The parts necessary for moving the body are called the locomotorium, which includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and muscles. Orthopedics Surgery treats illnesses (diseases) and injuries (trauma) of the locomotorium. Put more simply, everything except the head and internal organs is dealt with in the field of Orthopedics Surgery. If you are suffering from pain somewhere in your body, if you have been injured in an accident or if you cannot move the limbs as intended due to numbness, please consult an orthopedic surgeon.
We will listen closely to your concerns and help you return to a vibrant life.
Orthopedics Surgery at Teikyo University Hospital provides treatment at the orthopedic outpatient clinic and orthopedic ward, and we send orthopedic surgeons to the emergency outpatient clinic and Trauma Center. The general outpatient clinic provides clinical services every day (excluding public holidays), and the specialized outpatient clinic is open on specific days of the week. The specialized outpatient clinic specializes in intractable fracture treatment, hip treatment, knee treatment, spine treatment, hand surgery, tumor treatment, rheumatism treatment, sports medicine, shoulder treatment, osteoporosis treatment, and foot surgery. Specialists with advanced knowledge and extensive experience work for the clinic.



We believe that clinical practice is the most important thing, and we have specialists with extensive clinical experience in almost all fields of orthopedic surgery, performing more than 1,900 surgeries a year. Among the surgeries performed in 2019, the most common form was trauma surgery for a recent fracture (approximately 1,000 cases). As a university hospital, we have a great deal of experience in trauma surgery. In addition to recent fracture surgery, we also performed surgery for complications of fractures, such as pseudarthrosis, osteomyelitis, and fracture malunion, in approximately 90 cases that were referred from other facilities.
Each specialty group is actively performing surgeries, including hip surgery (artificial joint surgery and osteotomy) in approximately 80 cases, knee joint surgery (artificial joint surgery in approximately 80 cases and ligament reconstructions in approximately 60 cases), foot and ankle surgery in approximately 260 cases, spinal surgery in approximately 170 cases, hand and wrist surgery in approximately 90 cases, bone and soft tissue tumor surgery in approximately 100 cases, shoulder surgery in approximately 70 cases, and rheumatology surgery in approximately 10 cases.